Day #64 – Border, NV to US-50, NV – 38 miles / 61 km

The brothers experienced steep terrain and strong headwind today. They had to pedal hard even when riding downhill. After dinner, they just put up their tent behind the restaurant.

A big thank you to those who supported to the Blind Judo Foundation. Please note, that the full amount of your donation will be received by the Foundation (none of it goes to Peter or Janos) which means that your donation will be tax-exempt. Donations can be made by clicking on the link in the top menu, or by going straight to the Foundation’s website: Click on Support.

States: 12    Total: 3233 miles / 5203 km

2 thoughts on “Day #64 – Border, NV to US-50, NV – 38 miles / 61 km

  1. Thank you for the “plug” about the Blind Judo Foundation with all donations being tax exempt as the Foundation is a nonprofit organization. On behalf of the Board of Directors….Thank you! Ron Peck

  2. Wow! Nevada. You guys are now on the home stretch, and you know you will make it. It has been really amazing to follow this great journey with you. Not only have you learned to play the violin, but you are now Athletes too. I look forward to celebrating your arrival.


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