Our Mission

Throughout our journey across America we will encounter a vast number of questions, but the one we will hear the most is also the simplest one. Why do this? Why would two teenagers spend their summer vacation on bikes four thousand miles away from home? There is no one answer to this question, but many individual ones that push us to take this on.

First and foremost, there is the Foundation. Everyone we have ever met through judo is a selfless giving person. Especially the instructors who show up twice a week for several hours for many years and voluntarily give enormous amounts of time and effort to us simply because they love the sport, and love passing on their knowledge of it. After years of accepting from this community, here we found an opportunity to give some back.

There is another motivator. Some people call it achievement. Others say pride. Some kids say bragging rights. The idea is that when we push the pedals for the last time, and coast onto the Golden Gate after ten weeks of solid biking, we’ll feel something that will stay with us for the rest of our lives. It will become our grandchild’s favorite story, the most exciting tale by a campfire, and a lifelong memory to look back on. It will change who we are.

So why take on this adventure? We have a chance to support a wonderful cause, gain a life changing experience, and see the beauty of America that you just cant get from the inside of a car. You tell me. Is that reason enough?

4 thoughts on “Our Mission

  1. We want to be the first to congratulate you both on the venture of biking across the beauty of America. It’s not too often one has the desire to make a difference in life and the challenges that lie ahead. We are looking forward in hearing all about your cross-country journey and the interesting people you will be meeting along the way. We will be tracking your trip and looking forward to the final leg when you cross the Golden Gate Bridge. Stay well – Be well! The Blind Judo Foundation…..

  2. Mindenható Mennyei Atyánk szeretete, védelmező karja kísérjen Benneteket, és tegye utatokat áldássá – a Ti életetekben; mindazokéban, akik a látókhoz hasonlóan szeretnének teljes életet élni; és azokéban, akiknek lehetősége van a Ti segítségetekkel ráébredni, hogy ők is segíthetnek!

  3. Drága Petike, drága Jancsi! Nagyon ízgulok értetek! A medvékkel legyetek különösen óvtosak, és nagyon vigázzatok egymásra! Jancsi, fogadj szót a bátyádnak! Néha írjatok úgy is, hogy én is értsem!

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