Day #74 – Placerville, CA to Sacramento, CA – 65 miles / 105 km

The boys see a huge difference in their surroundings as they are getting closer to the SF Bay Area. A week ago, in Nevada they were crossing a township of 200-400 people every 50-70 miles (this sometimes meant only one township on a given day). Now cities with 40,000 residents are almost touching each other. They can tell the difference in people’s look and mentality. And they can see (taste!) the difference in the food available.

Back in the Nevada desert the brothers were at the mercy of convenience stores of gas stations, and it took them some time to learn that they needed to check the expiration date on the package they purchased. One time Janos bought a “Lunchables” and as soon as he opened the box he knew something was wrong with the food. The date showed the meal has been expired for 12 months! He returned it, then tried to make a more careful choice from the limited selection. Maybe one of these expired food items had caused Janos’ sickness about a week ago.

The flat terrain makes it easy to make good progress. For most part of the day they followed a bicycle route. The advantages are the lack of cars and traffic lights. The disadvantage is that these roads are too curvy, Peter says.

States: 14    Total: 3770 miles / 6067 km

3 thoughts on “Day #74 – Placerville, CA to Sacramento, CA – 65 miles / 105 km

  1. You are making great progress. We have everything scheduled to meet you on the south side of the Golden Gate Bridge on Saturday, Aug 18 at 11:00 a.m. We are working to have media coverage. Coach Willy Cahill and Chris Jones, one of our blind athlete along with Chris Jones, a professional photographer will be there for sure. Of course, your outstanding and loving parents will be welcoming you back home. I’m sure you’ll have many stores to tell along the way. Best regards, Ron Peck, Blind Judo Foundation

  2. Welcome to California Peter & Janos I saw the sign that you climbed up on,California should be able to do better then that. I guess you’re looking forward to seeing the Golden Gate Bridge and especially your family. I’ll be there also with your family and friends to greet the both of you. You did something people only dream about doing at least you can say you did it……….Willy Cahill

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