Day #75 – Sacramento, CA to Fairfield, CA – 45 miles / 72 km

Peter and Janos are so close to home, some of us commute this far to work, every day, one way.

Back home the excitement is growing by the day, as the judo community at SJBJC, just  as our friends at the Blind Judo Foundation, and of course the family is preparing to welcome them.

Among others they helped us decide on a spot to meet the boys on Saturday, August 18th. Fort Point Historic Site pictured below, seems to be a great choice. It offers a good photo opportunity of the Bridge, plenty of space for friends to gather and socialize, and good parking. We meet in the parking lot, shortly before 11:00AM, as we expect the brothers to be farely punctual.

States: 14     Total: 3815 miles / 6140 km

1 thought on “Day #75 – Sacramento, CA to Fairfield, CA – 45 miles / 72 km

  1. Congradulations Peter and Janos,Wanda and myself have been keeping updated on you both everyday.Good luck on your future endevours.

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