Day #76 Fairfield, CA to (almost) San Francisco, CA – 26 miles / 42 km

Peter and Janos arrived to San Francisco!

But we pretend they have not yet. Their ultimate destination is the Golden Gate Bridge, and they are not there yet. They will formally arrive tomorrow, as friends and family welcome them. (Details in post #75.)

They had one last hill to climb, (not high but steep), and from the top they saw a breathtaking view: The Bay, the ocean, and yes, the Golden Gate. They have been riding for two and a half months to see this.

Riding on, a bit later Janos got surprised: he felt a familiar smell. He recognized the smell of the Bay. Just a few seconds later Peter could feel it too.

The brothers had started their journey in New York City, and they have to arrive to San Francisco, and they have to arrive through the Golden Gate. It would be practical if the ferry from Vallejo would go to the North end of the bridge, but it stops at the South end,  in SF. So on Saturday early morning the brothers will “secretly” cross the bridge northbound, just so they are able to cross it again southbound, when we greet them.

They can’t believe they did it. There is only a few miles left for tomorrow.

We talked in the night. “I already miss it.” – said Janos.

States: 14    Total: 3841 miles / 6181 km

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