Day #63 – U.S. 50, UT to Border, NV – 65 miles / 105 km

The Brothers arrived in Nevada. This also means they are in the Pacific Time Zone.

Today they started very early, at 5:30 (MT). An hour later the Spot device (that provides the Current Position messages) reached being on for 24 hours, and automatically turned off. When this happens, we just send a text message reminder, and the boys soon turn it on. But since last night they were not able to charge the phones, the boys kept them turned off all until they reached their destination for the day.

Early afternoon we got a message, that they rode 65 miles, reached Border, Nevada, and now call it a day.

Looking at the map below, Border is not really a town, there is nothing else than a motel here. It actually belongs to Baker, NV, although the town is 11 miles from here.

We tried to call each other in the evening, without success.

States: 12    Total: 3195 miles / 5142 km


2 thoughts on “Day #63 – U.S. 50, UT to Border, NV – 65 miles / 105 km

  1. Congratulations on reaching beautiful downtown Baker, NV. Great to see the progress you are making. The SPOT GPS device is a great tool as long as you have power. Continue to enjoy the journey. We appreciate all you are doing to bring visibility to the mission of the Blind Judo Foundation. Ron Peck, Blind Judo Foundation

  2. Édes Gyerekek.
    A fényképalbumban megtaláltuk a régi képeket.2001-ben aug. 11-én együtt voltunk Elyben.Ti most lehettek ott.Nagyon sokat gondolunk Rátok és drukkolunk Nektek.
    Vigyázzatok Magatokra sok pusz. Nagyi,Nagypapi.

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