Day #65 – US-50, NV to US-50, NV – 55 miles / 89 km

The title tells a lot. While during the day the brothers crossed a significant town, Ely, their day started and ended in similar settings: in the middle of nowhere. Or, as another language puts it, behind God’s back.

Today Peter and Janos rode what was the hardest climb in Nevada, once again up at almost 8000 feet (2438 m). Later as they turned to the North, what was yesterday an annoying and tiring headwind, became a friendly tailwind, and made their riding more enjoyable.

Tonight the boys made sure they have closed the tent’s zippers tight, as they had seen and heard rattlesnakes during the day.

Overall progress has been updated. Please click on the menu.

States: 12    Total: 3288 miles / 5292 km

1 thought on “Day #65 – US-50, NV to US-50, NV – 55 miles / 89 km

  1. Another day closer….but rattlesnakes? WOW what stories you’ll be able to share as you reflect on this amazing journey. Be Well, Be Safe. Ron Peck, Blind Judo Foundation

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