Day #59 – Green River, UT to Interstate 70, UT – 37 miles / 60 km

When entering the coordinates today, Google Map doesn’t even return a town or a “populated area”. Nothing is close to the brothers’ current location. (Yesterday’s title-town was suggested by Google, even though the brothers were 20 miles from there.)

Phone connectivity was pretty bad today too, but we were able to talk for a while. Janos said at first they kind of enjoyed the previous night’s storm: they were holding the tent a few feet high, by the ropes, and were playing kite flying for a while. Later as the wind grew very strong, they started to worry that the tent may get damaged.

Today’s terrain started with some of the hardest slopes of the trip. For several hours the boys were climbing 6% slopes. The weather was almost clear, mostly sunny and very hot, with some occasional drizzling. As they reached the top of the mountain, the weather on the other side was completely different. To their right side, sunny and calm. To their left, stormy with frequent lightnings, and rain so heavy they could not see too far into that direction. They also encountered strong headwinds. Usually, when downhill, they do over 35 mph without even pedaling. This time they pedaled hard yet only reached 15 mph.

Due to the lack of internet connection, we did not receive any pictures today. Here are some photos taken the past few days.

States: 11    Total: 2978 miles / 4793 km

4 thoughts on “Day #59 – Green River, UT to Interstate 70, UT – 37 miles / 60 km

  1. Being out in the middle of nowhere must have it advantages in reflecting on your own thoughts as well as the vastness of America. You both are making great progress. August will be a monumental month not only for your journey but getting back to familiar civilization and the start of school. Continue to stay positive and we hope to witness your cross the Golden Gate Bridge. Ron Peck, Blind Judo Foundation

  2. Great ride for the both of you and we can’t imagine how tough it is the climb those hills, now you are closing in close to California, well not really close but soon you will be able to smell the Pacific Ocean. We are looking forward to see you cross the Golden Gate Bridge. Stay Safe……Willy Cahill

  3. I have been following along on Peter and Janos’ journey, as my son has been riding with them on occasion since Virginia. They are very impressive with their commitment and dedication in their journey across the USA. I know it has been a tough summer to be riding with the heat they have been enduring since they started. I am happy to donate to the Blind Judo Foundation. It is a very worthy cause and I am glad I was made aware of it. May they continue to be safe and well for the remainder of their journey. Maureen Buckley ( Ryan’s Mom)

    • Dear Maureen, Thank you so much for your kind words and also for your donation to the Blind Judo Foundation. Yes, I think it’s a very worthy cause. I like the way judo gives blind and visually impaired persons confidence, and an opportunity to get/stay active and healthy. It’s fun to watch how these four young men meet again and again and ride together for a couple days, then say good-bye until next time(?). I know they keep in touch. Janos and Peter enjoy Ryan and his friend’s company. I think it is amazing how they ride across the country together, but still separately. Best of luck to Ryan on his journey. Kinga Kabai (mom)

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