Day #73 – Omo Ranch, CA to Placerville, CA – 27 miles/43 km

Peter and Janos has been riding since June 3rd, 2012. They had started out in New York City, close to the Statue of Liberty, and will finish their cross-country journey in San Francisco, at the Golden Gate Bridge. We will meet them on Saturday, August 18th at 11:00 AM at the south (SF) end of the Golden Gate Bridge. Should some of you, Dear Readers, feel like coming out to welcome them – we would be honored.

The brothers rode more than necessary yesterday, so today they took it easy. There is no need to arrive too early. They still have hot weather, temperatures over 100 °F (38 °C). Today there was good Internet connection, and we received several pictures about the past few days.

Two days ago the boys were very excited about entering California, and were making plans in advance about celebrating around to the “Welcome to California” sign. They were a bit disappointed at the border, when all they found was a cheap and simple California sign. They were still extremely happy to finally be so close to home. See the photos below. (You can tell it was raining.)

States: 14   Total: 3705 miles / 5963 km