Day #72 – Markleeville, CA to Omo Ranch, CA – 60 miles / 97 km

In the morning the boys were shopping for breakfast in the convenience store of the little township where they had bought dinner the previous night. They were surprised when the town’s police officer approached them, and that he seemed to know all about them. Turns out, the officer was a relative of the store owner, and she had told him about the two bicyclists last night.

We also learned why they had stopped early yesterday: They have had rain all day, they were wet and cold, and in the afternoon they got a hail on top of that. The brothers decided that riding while pieces of ice are hitting your face at 30 mph, is not much fun, so they decided to call it a day. They had gotten permission to put up their tent behind a church. There was no reception, we were not able to talk until tonight.

Today Peter and Janos climbed the mountain which was probably the last steep incline of their journey – they rode through Carson Pass. We could talk today (the line dropped several times), but they were not able to send pictures.

Tonight they sleep in the garden of a school. The caretaker gave them permission, but warned them that they would need to leave early morning before anyone arrives to school.

This picture we had received some time earlier: This is how Peter likes to sleep when they decide not to put up the tent.

States: 14   Total: 3678 miles / 5919 km

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