Day #61 – Salina, UT to Holden, UT – 47 miles / 76 km

Riding an average of 50 miles (80 km) every day for 11 weeks requires persistence, endurance and a lot of energy – which means good nutrition. Unfortunately it’s really hard to get good nutritious food while on the road. The brothers get most of their meals in fast food restaurants or at gas stations. (They had to get rid of the small camp stove and the dishes when they switched the trailers to the front bags.) We are not worried about the calories because they work those off anyway, but the quality of their diet during this journey is questionable. Subway is one of their better choices, and having pizza is the closest they get to a real home-cooked meal, but these are not always available. Peter has been a vegetarian for ten years (eats eggs and dairy), and his choices at a fast food restaurant are very limited. He is a good example though, that one can be strong and healthy without eating meat.

Recently, for 2 1/2 days, the boys had to rely on the food that they were carrying with them, which were mostly cereal bars and power bars. These don’t take much space and don’t get spoiled. They said that after 106 miles (171 km), when they reached the next store, their energy had been drained because of the lack of nutrition in their food.

They spend the night behind a volunteer fire department.

It has been two months, that Peter and Janos started their cross-country journey on June 1st, 2012.

States: 11   Total: 3074 miles / 4947 km