Day #60 – Interstate 70, UT to Salina, UT – 49 miles / 79 km

The  brothers spend the night in Salina. They rode two and a half days, 106 miles (171 km) since the last town, Green River. There were no stores between the two places, not even a lonely gas station. There were a few rest areas with an earth closet, but no water. The boys made sure they carried enough food, and they were happy they had purchased big water tanks in Grand Junction. Each of them had 3.5G (14L) of water, and they used up most of it. After spending the past few nights “sleeping in the dust” (Peter), they appreciate the comfort of a motel tonight.

They brothers reached 3000 miles (4828 km).

We received pictures of Janos and Peter having fun “tent-flying”, at the beginning of the storm two days ago.

Below that see what we think is Peter’s most beautiful photo yet: Taken in Salina, sand storm + sundown + rainbow, all at the same time. He saw lightnings too, but wasn’t able to capture one.

States: 11    Total: 3027 miles / 4871 km