Day #57 – Grand Junction, CO to Thompson, UT – 68 miles / 109 km

Arriving to Utah!

The day started with some tiring up-and-down riding, the boys felt as if it would never end. After that the terrain became more pleasant. The brothers are in an area where they have been before; they have visited the Arches N.P., the Dinosaur National Monument, Mesa Verde, etc. back in 2006.

Below see pictures we got from Janos. He documented what he is seeing several hours long every day: when he is looking ahead, when he is looking down, and a picture of the two bikes.

States: 11    Total: 2885 miles / 4643 km


4 thoughts on “Day #57 – Grand Junction, CO to Thompson, UT – 68 miles / 109 km

  1. Congratulations on adding another state. Yesterday was a very long day for you … I wasn’t sure if you were going to make it to Thompson or not, but it looks like you traveled until nearly 10pm. Quite a tough ride!

  2. Great job Peter & Janos, now you’re getting close to California and it must feel great, you are 2 amazing brothers who thought of an idea and really pursued your dream. Both Ron Peck and I and the Blind Judo Foundation are so proud of you. Looking forward to see you cross the Golden Gate Bridge…….Willy Cahill

  3. Hey Janos, thanks for the pictures. I must say you both are doing a wonderful job bringing visibility to the Blind Judo Foundation. You both will have much to speak about for years to come. We hope to capture you both as you cross the Golden Gate Bridge on Aug. 18 or 19. Continue to enjoy the journey…….Ron Peck, Blind Judo Foundation

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