Day #56 – Montrose, CO to Grand Junction, CO – 66 miles / 106 km

The day started with some not very good news: Peter found that his phone can not be charged. This is reason to worry. One time they already lost each other during the trip, and  called each other to reunite, so it is necessary that each of them carry a working mobile phone. Also, most of the pictures posted on this blog are taken by Peter and we would miss these photos.

The day started with some downhill riding, followed by not too difficult up-and-down for the rest of the day. The brothers enjoyed the terrain today. They even had time (and the opportunity) to visit an REI store and buy some necessities. They bought even bigger (2.5G / 10L) water bags, since they expect to ride 60 mile long legs without any services. These tanks will come in handy later in the Nevadan deserts as well. Janos says a water bag is much easier to carry on a bike, since it conforms to the shape of the other bags, unlike a rigid container.

They also bought some tablets that will hopefully remove the slimy layer that covers the inside of their current water tanks. They also got new water bottles because, though the previous ones were insulated, they were of bad quality: the water seeped in between the two layers of plastic, and their water started smelling and tasting of mold. They bought bike-mirrors as well.

When they settled down for the night, Peter tried to charge his phone once again – and this time it worked!

As of today, this blog has had 100 comments. A big THANK YOU to everybody who contributed.

States: 10   Total: 2817 miles / 4534 km


2 thoughts on “Day #56 – Montrose, CO to Grand Junction, CO – 66 miles / 106 km

  1. Hey Peter..we really appreciate the photos you pass along. Both of you are doing a wonderful job staying on track and always thinking of ways to stay well and safe. Glad you were able to get the cell phone charging issue resolved. Ron Peck, Blind Judo Foundation

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