Day #55 – Gunnison, CO to Montrose, CO – 67 miles / 108 km

The brothers had to “dig deep into the side bags” to get out the sweaters – they had not used them since leaving the Appalachians. But in the Rockies the nights are cool.The days are still warm, but not as hot as they were all the way since Virginia. The boys don’t even mind the rain – they had more than they wished for, of riding in burning hot and dry weather, and they can expect more of that later in Nevada.

Sometimes they get steady rain, sometimes just a quick shower. The first time they stopped to cover the side bags and to get out the rain coats, but by then the shower was gone. Next time they knew better, they just rode on, enjoying the refreshing gust of rain.

Uphill they can do 5 mph, but they got rewarded with a 35 mph downhill section.

They rode along the beautiful Blue Mesa Reservoir. Of course they went for a dip.

States: 10    Total: 2751 miles / 4427 km


2 thoughts on “Day #55 – Gunnison, CO to Montrose, CO – 67 miles / 108 km

  1. Thanks for the great pictures along your journey back to CA. Of course, there is always time to take a dip and enjoy the beautiful country you are passing through. What an amazing experience. Had you considered writing a book or doing an article of your experience? Keep up the great job you both are doing to bring visibility to the work of the Blind Judo Foundation. Ron Peck

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