Day #54 – Salida, CO to Gunnison, CO – 55 miles / 88 km

– Monarch Pass! 11312

– Very hard, very beautiful

These were text messages we received around noon. The brothers have reached the highest point of their cross-country journey. Monarch Pass is located on the continental divide, at 11,312 ft (3448 m).

Passing the highest point by no means equals to being halfway. Janos and Peter still have the major part of the Rocky Mountains ahead of them, including sections that are more steep and more difficult than today’s leg. And today’s ride was hard, they could ride at an average of 5 mph on the way up. They started the day at 7080 ft (2158 m), rode to the 11K peak, then descended back to 7683 ft (2342 m).  Breathing is definitely harder, they say.

States: 10   Total: 2684 miles / 4319 km


2 thoughts on “Day #54 – Salida, CO to Gunnison, CO – 55 miles / 88 km

  1. Beautiful views on the Rocky Mountains as you continue the journey back home. Continue to push forward and enjoy the ride through some most spectacular scenery. Your daily updates with pictures are wonderful. Thank you for all you are doing for the Blind Judo Foundation. Ron Peck

  2. Just looking at the beautiful Rockies, I can’t imagine riding a bike up that hill, I have a lot of respect for you and your family and your desire to do something most of all only dream about and you’re doing it. We are all so proud of you at Cahill’s Judo Academy. Stay safe………
    Willy Cahill

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