Day #49 – Eads, CO to Haswell, CO – 29 miles / 47 km

Peter and Janos enjoy the night riding so much, (especially compared to day riding), that they planned to do the next leg all in the night. Today they slept a few hours in the afternoon, and started riding at 8:15 pm (MT). It started out well, but before midnight their bodies just started objecting. The brothers know that riding is not very safe when you keep falling asleep – they just had to stop.

The title says Haswell, CO, but there was actually no populated place near where they spent the night. When you search for the coordinates, the map will give you the name of the closest town – even if the road actually doesn’t go through the town. This was often the case in the Appalachians, and will probably be in the Rockies.

States: 10   Total: 2431 miles / 3912 km


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