Day #47 – Dighton, KS to Selkirk, KS – 61 miles / 98 km

These days, the three challenges of riding are heat, strong wind and trailer trucks. The brothers are tired of only doing 9 mph against the headwind, while actually riding twice as hard, and breathing in the dirt the wind carries. When they got a big wind storm in the afternoon, they decided to stop for a while and wait until the evening.

They rode in the dark, and were having a great time. The temperature was nice, the wind was calm, and they rarely got passed by trailer trucks. One time they stopped and just watched the sky, the Milky Way and countless stars, and in 15 minutes they counted 10 shooting stars. Then they rode on, 15 mph, planning to go for another hour or so.

All until a police car approached them. The officer said that they got a phone call of two bicyclists riding in the night, and demanded that they go back half mile to the nearest so called “populated place” (the boys saw no more than 10 houses) and stay there for the night. It was already too late to knock on people’s doors, and Peter and Janos just put down they sleeping bags to the ground – below you can see where.

The brothers are very close to the line between Central and Mountain time. While we were talking, Janos said his cell phone kept switching back and forth between the two time zones.

States: 9   Total: 2332 miles / 3753 km

After posting, we received several pictures from Peter. Enjoy.


1 thought on “Day #47 – Dighton, KS to Selkirk, KS – 61 miles / 98 km

  1. Your determination to push on is admirable. Continue to be safe and be well. All the very best as you accomplish your goal of bicycling across America. Ron Peck, Blind Judo Foundation

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