Day #43 – Waverly, KS to Marion, KS – 81 miles / 130 km

The boys were lucky not to spend the night in that park. By the morning the park became the location of a car show. Peter and Janos looked around before starting their day.

Thanks to the mostly flat Kansas terrain, the brothers have set a new record of 81 miles today.

Did you have a chance to see the map of the Kabai brothers’ Overall Progress? It is updated, please click on the link above in the menu.

States: 8   Total: 2074 miles / 3338 km


2 thoughts on “Day #43 – Waverly, KS to Marion, KS – 81 miles / 130 km

  1. Continued progress is the daily schedule. Kansas should be the State for the most miles / day. Glad you avoided the car show. We enjoy blogging each day of your journey. Do you have an estimate of when you might be passing through Colorado Springs, CO? Be well, Be safe! Ron Peck, Blind Judo Foundation

  2. Hi Peter & Janos….Not sure where your route through Colorado will take you but I never heard from anyone if you were going through Colorado Springs so I never made any arrangements to stay at the Olympic Training Center. If you can send me a message I’ll see if I can contact anyone at the Springs. They have a US National Judo Championships in Texas this weekend, PLEASE LET ME KNOW OF YOUR ROUTE…….Willy Cahill

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