Day #42 – LaCygne, KS to Waverly, KS – 60 miles / 97 km

The brothers wanted to spend the night in a nice park. Right next door there was a police station and the boys tried to ask permission there. No one answered the door, and a neighbor told them that the town’s only policeman is out of office right now. As they learned what the boys wanted, the family immediately offered their own yard. Then they invited them to sleep inside, even let them do their laundry, and surprised them with a plate full of candy. Thank you so much! The boys left several Blind Judo cards there.

Pictures below:

Construction area from the outside and from the inside. You don’t want to take a detour when on your bike.

Pizza delivery DIY. They carried their dinner for 20 miles.

Janos enjoying the family’s hospitality.

States: 9 Total: 1993 miles / 3207 km


2 thoughts on “Day #42 – LaCygne, KS to Waverly, KS – 60 miles / 97 km

  1. Great to see that around the country there are a lot of great people and willing to help strangers, great to hear these stories and you were able to be the main part of the story. Hope you kept their name and address….Willy Cahill

  2. Love the hospitality being shown to both of you as you travel across the USA. We greatly appreciate bringing awareness of the Blind Judo Foundation and leaving cards behind. Keep up the great job you both are doing….Ron Peck, Blind Judo Foundation

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