Day #37 St. Charles, MO to Rhineland, MO – 73 miles / 117 km

The brothers are riding along the Katy Trail. This is a so called rail trail, which is an old railroad, turned into a bicycle trail. The road is very flat and straight, easy to ride. The trail is covered with fine gravel, and the stations became rest areas. This is the longest rail trail in the US, and the boys will cover most of it, 230 miles. They wish it would stretch all the way, coast to coast.

Now, for the third time they ride together with the two bicyclists they met earlier. They just bumped into each-other in downtown St. Louis. They plan to stay together for a few more days.

Keeping their cell phones well charged is essential for Peter and Janos. Communication with family and friends is actually the smallest reason. The ability to make emergency calls or to reach each other in case they get separated, is a more important one. But the boys use their cell phones as a GPS, as a map to plan their route, and as an Internet browser to find bicycle and food stores. Also the phones are their cameras. No wonder that by now they developed a very sharp eye to spot electric outlets. Even on the ceiling.

Let me explain. Most restaurants have an electric outlet in the dining area. These are probably not meant to be used by the guests though. For this reason, one restaurant had the outlet on the ceiling. But the Kabai brothers know better than that. Weeks ago they had realized that wherever they charge their phones,  they needed to take turns because they usually find a single outlet. So they purchased an extension cord, which can accommodate more devices at the same time. Also it can reach from the wall of the church (or from the outside wall of the house if spending the night in some nice people’s back yard) into the tent. So all they needed in that restaurant was to step up on a chair, plug in the extension cord, and voilà, they could charge their phones. Luckily no one cared.

States: 8   Total:  1687 miles / 2715 km


3 thoughts on “Day #37 St. Charles, MO to Rhineland, MO – 73 miles / 117 km

  1. Hi Peter & Janos…..You are putting on a lot of miles and we are so proud of you, I can imagine how tough it is and you are doing it because you have a goal that you want to accomplishe, great continue to reach that goal and in the future you will always look back and know how tough it was and how well you did. Continue to ride, Good Luck on your journey…..Willy Cahill

  2. Riding the “rail trail” i.e. the Katy Trail is history that only bike riders can appreciate. Meeting up with other fellow bikers must be inspirational and allows some sharing of stories learned along the way. It’s great you both have the tools incorporated into your cell phones to provide some comfort of being connected with the world. It is also inspirational to see the hospitality not only connecting to the electrical outlets but in providing camping space on private lawns and church properties. You both are greatly appreciated as you continue to promote the Blind Judo Foundation. Please continue to be safe and be well. All the very best…..Ron Peck – Blind Judo Foundation

  3. After haveing Peter and Janos as guest in my home i think of them everyday,me and Wanda are checking on them daily,what fine young men they are.

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