Day #33 – Evansville, IN to Fairfield, IL – 66 miles / 106 km

Fooled by the GPS, the brothers arrived to a bridge across the Wabash River – and found that the bridge has been closed for a month. They had to choose between an almost 30-mile detour, and crossing the river riding on the highway. Below you can see a picture of the Welcome to Illinois sign, taken while riding on Interstate 64.

We also received pictures that were taken the previous day, when entering Indiana, and a fireworks photomontage from Peter.

States: 7   Total: 1476 miles / 2375 km


3 thoughts on “Day #33 – Evansville, IN to Fairfield, IL – 66 miles / 106 km

  1. Congratulation for the progress you are making as indicated by the higher miles / day. Your having to modify your route because of a bridge closing is another example of “thinking on your feet” which happens in life. Keep up the great job…we really appreciate all you are doing for blind and visually impaired children, young adults and our military men and women so they can afford being introduced to the sport of Judo. Ron Peck, Blind Judo Foundation

  2. Hello,my name is Brian Musgrave,I came upon Peter and Janos on a gravel road about five miles off there route at around 7:00 p.m. in 102 degree weather .I talked them into letting me get them to a safer area.They accompanied me to my home where they got a shower and my wife Wanda prepared them something to eat.We allowed them to stay in our home for the night under the air conditioner.These fine young men were very respectful and it was our pleasure to meet them and help them on there journey.Good luck Peter and Janos,I know you both will do well.

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