Day #29 – Danville, KY to Elizabethtown, KY – 67 miles / 108 km

This morning, as every morning, Janos stepped into his shoes. He keeps them under the trailer for the night, so they don’t get wet. After a few minutes he felt something at his toes. Maybe a stick. He finished packing the tent before addressing the problem. When he took off his shoe… below you can see what he found in there. Compare the size to the standard letter size sheet.

On the right, a road sign they did not expect to see in Kentucky.

States : 5 Total: 1288 miles / 2073 km


3 thoughts on “Day #29 – Danville, KY to Elizabethtown, KY – 67 miles / 108 km

  1. I hope that was not a dangerous spider as there are alot of them out there in the southern states.

  2. Hola! I’ve just checked to see your progress after some adventures of my own (Yosemite and Japan!). It’s fun to see the photos of your trip and read about your days! I’m certain that the front paniers will make for easier travels- that’s how my husband and I have done our trips in the past. You’ve covered lots of miles! Cuidado con las aranas!!

  3. Watch out for the creepy-crawlers…that is one large spider. Hopefully you were not bitten and can count this as one more experience along the journey home. Thanks for all the pictures and display of the Blind Judo Foundation logo. Bringing visibility to blind / visually impaired individuals along with the sport of Judo is greatly appreciated. Thank you! Ron Peck, Blind Judo Foundation

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