Day #28 – Berea, KY to Danville, KY – 33 miles / 53 km

Janos really likes his new front panniers. He says that the bicycle handles a different way now, it feels more like riding a motorcycle. Soon he will get used to this, and getting rid of the trailer will hopefully make his ride easier.

There was only one set of panniers available in the store. The bothers are trying to make arrangements with other bicycle stores, that they will reach later this week, and order a set for Peter.

The boys made sure to visit a KFC, while in Kentucky.

States: 5  Total: 1221 miles / 1965 km


2 thoughts on “Day #28 – Berea, KY to Danville, KY – 33 miles / 53 km

  1. Great job in getting the pannier for the bike. Hopefully this will lessen the burden of the trailer drag especially in mountainous and hilly country side. Continue to stay strong. We are very impressed with your progress and dedication helping to bring visibility to the work of the Blind Judo Foundation. Be Sale, Be Well…Ron Peck, Blind Judo Foundation

  2. Hi Peter & Janos….Hope you are getting enough rest during your cross country trip.Hearing about all the bad wheather I hope you are doing well and trying to stay away from the high winds, electrical storms and heavy rain. Both Ron Peck and I read your daily comments and know you are having a great time together and we just hope you are doing well……Willy Cahill

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