Day #26 – Buckhorn, KY to Beattyville, KY – 20 miles / 32 km

Janos and Peter feel that dragging the trailers extremely slows them down. They are contemplating the idea of switching the trailers for front panniers, (while keeping the existing rear ones). Janos borrowed Peter’s rear panniers, and found that he could actually fit all the gear that he is carrying into two sets of panniers. He is eager to abandon his trailer.

But this kind of special gear was not available in the few bicycle stores they have passed so far. Today, while taking a break in front of another church, they called a few stores ahead on their route. One of them actually carries the front panniers and the mounting hardware.

While on the phone, someone from the church offered lodging for them for tonight. I was only 3 pm (ET). The brothers made a detailed plan for the next two days. According to the plan they would reach the bicycle store on Saturday during opening hours,  and could spend the night in campgrounds (not in people’s yards) the night before and after. The best part is that they could stop for today, right there, and rest and enjoy the hospitality of the church for the rest of the afternoon. They could not say no.

States: 5   Total: 1133 miles / 1823 km


2 thoughts on “Day #26 – Buckhorn, KY to Beattyville, KY – 20 miles / 32 km

  1. Wow you guys are amazine and with a lot of confidence in your own abilities, you are doing something every kid your age wish they had the opportuniy to do themselves. Keep up your great work and I know you will make a difference in the lives of many…..Stay Strong…….Willy Cahill

  2. Here again is an example of refinement as Peter and Janos travel across the USA. Thinking and improving your conditions and performance are great lessons in life. Replacing your trailer for a pannier (large basket) to make the journey less burdensome and for increased efficiency is not only smart but lessons in dynamic planning. This will be important as you continue your education and get into the work world. Once again we see the generosity of Americans along the trail. Be Safe, Be Well! Ron Peck, Blind Judo Foundation

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