Day #25 – Hindman, KY to Buckhorn, KY – 44 miles / 71 km

When people see the big yellow logos on the side of each trailer, a typical question is: What is judo? Another often heard question: So blind people are able to do judo? Then the brothers explain that blind and visually impaired athletes can actually excel in judo. They also tell about how important balance, safe falling technics and regular physical exercise is to these people, and that judo is a perfect sport to give them confidence to move around in a sighted world, and to fight obesity related health problems.

A man, driving in the opposite direction, made a U-turn and stopped next to the boys. He shared that he used to do judo, and a few times he had fought blind opponents.

Early afternoon, Peter and Janos finally reached the store they hoped to visit yesterday. Peter had been riding without a helmet for more than a day, because a way too friendly dog had destroyed his helmet. Janos bought new tires for his trailer, as the tread was almost gone from the current ones. They sleep in a campground.

States: 5   Total: 1113 miles / 1791 km


1 thought on “Day #25 – Hindman, KY to Buckhorn, KY – 44 miles / 71 km

  1. It is amazing that people don’t know that there is a sport called Judo. It is also interesting to note that most Americans have never heard of the Paralympics. It is the second largest sporting event in the world with the Olympics being number one. When the word “Paralympics” is mentioned some will say “Oh – you mean Special Olympics.” What you are doing to bring awareness not only to the work of the Blind Judo Foundation but to Paralympic Judo is greatly appreciated. The Foundation is about empowering blind and visually impaired children and young adults to become all that they can become through learning the discipline and benefits of Judo. Ron Peck, Co-Founder, Blind Judo Foundation.

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