Day #23 – Counsil, VA to Elkhorn City, KY – 44 miles / 71 km

The terrain is still hard, but Peter and Janos are feeling better as the days pass. They are coping with the physical challenges easier than at the beginning of the trip.

Today they arrived to Kentucky. Also, today they passed the first 1000 mile “mile stone” of the trip. See Peter’s speedometer below.

The brothers say everywhere they go, people are very nice to them. They are helpful when the boys ask for directions, or would even offer directions without being asked. People shout “Good luck!” from their cars (except sometimes  when they shout other things). Locals most often just sit on their porches in chairs set in a row, and shout “Have a good day!” to anyone who passes by.

Tonight they had put up their tent in the yard of a church. The bicycle map says it’s ok, and the locals confirmed. As they settled down, a dog joined them. The boys had to be careful, since they didn’t want to share their dinner with him. Later the dog brought a friend, and they stayed around all night. Peter needs to buy a new helmet ASAP.

States: 5    Total:  1018 miles / 1638 miles


2 thoughts on “Day #23 – Counsil, VA to Elkhorn City, KY – 44 miles / 71 km

  1. Hi Peter and Janos
    I just wanted to drop a line!
    That is tremendous on your journey up until now!! We are all so proud of you taking on this challenge and adventure! It looks so exciting… memories for a lifetime! Keep up the good work … we are all following you!
    Sensei Kikuchi

  2. Hi Janos and Peter: Congratulation arriving in Kentucky and the wonderful Americans you are meeting along the way. Curious to hear what people are asking when they see the Blind Judo Foundation logo. Please share and continue on your journey and bringing visibility to the work of the Foundation. We are truly grateful for all you are doing and your dedication in making a difference in the lives of blind and visually impaired children and young adults. Ron Peck, Co-Founder, Blind Judo Foundation

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