Day #21 – Sugar Grove, VA to Marion, VA – 13 miles / 21 km

Janos and Peter took it really easy today. They rode to the first town, booked into a motel and did what they longed to do: nothing at all. They enjoyed resting, and above all the luxury of air conditioning. They celebrated Janos’ birthday ordering pizza, and when we talked in the afternoon, they were planning to go to a restaurant in the evening. We bet they ordered a slice of cake too.

States: 4  Total: 917 miles / 1475 km


2 thoughts on “Day #21 – Sugar Grove, VA to Marion, VA – 13 miles / 21 km

  1. Rest, re-cooperation and being re-energized with a break for pizza on Janos’ birthday is a good thing. At this point is it too early to ask when you expect to cross the Golden Gate Bridge on your final leg of riding across country? Or, is this too far off to make a prediction? Your dedication to help raise funds ($25,000) so the Blind Judo Foundation can introduce 10 of our wounded warriors returning from Iraq and Afghanistan to life changing sport like Judo is overwhelmingly generous. For all those seeking to recognize the two teenage Kabai brothers, can make a donation at All donations of any size are tax exempt. Thank You one and all…..Ron Peck, Co-Founder, Blind Judo Foundation

  2. Hi Peter and Janos! I’ve been thinking of you both and praying for a safe journey. I was at your house last week and Anna gave me a tour at the farm and introduced me to all the animals. Very Impressive! Lot of animals to take care of. It seems like you’ve being doing some hardcore climbing. Hangin’ there and keep spinning! And by the way , a belated birthday wishes to my favorite judo student. Hope you had a good one. Take care, Sensei Swain

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