Day #20 – Dublin, VA to Sugar Grove, VA – 65 miles / 105 km

Peter and Janos can not wait to get out from the mountains. Up and down, up and down, they are so tired of it. The weather forecast promised some rain today, but they did not get any of it. Maybe tomorrow.

We talked to them at noon, and then again in the afternoon. At 5pm (8pm their time) they said they had 18 miles left before they would reach the campground. (Note that the Spot messages display California time, while the brothers are 3 hours ahead.) We tried to contact them after they arrived, well after 12 am their time, but their cell phones were turned off for the night. Most probably they were too tired to talk. We only know from the Spot messages that they actually are at the campground.

At midnight, Janos practically “rode into his birthday”. We assume that tomorrow they will take it easy.

States: 4   Total: 904 miles / 1455 km


1 thought on “Day #20 – Dublin, VA to Sugar Grove, VA – 65 miles / 105 km

  1. Day #20 and Janos not only “rode into his birthday” but the brothers are managing time, weather, up-hill biking through mountains and seeking out camp grounds along the way. These are great examples of being tenacious, resourceful, determination and focusing on the mission of biking across the USA. Having access to their GPS position is a great feature that is included on their website. Thank you for all you are doing for the Blind Judo Foundation. Are you getting any feedback and interest in the Foundation? Ron Peck, Co-Founder Blind Judo Foundation

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