Day #19 – Troutville, VA to Dublin, VA – 60 miles / 97 km

The brothers had a hard time to get out of bed this morning. This was the second time
they slept in a real bed since they left from New York on June 3rd. They had 100°F today. They felt like biking against a “blow dryer, it was hard to breathe.” – said Janos.

The Kabai brothers are racing against time. They need to be back in California before school starts. They realized that the route the official bike map suggests, is not always the best. The map is optimized for the greatest “biking experience”, not for “getting there fast”. More and more often they take a shortcut. A shortcut is sometimes risky though. At one point they might find that the road is closed or private, and would have to turn back.

Peter has a photo timer app on his cell phone. It came handy when taking the above picture. The shirts indicate hot weather and hard work. 🙂

States: 4   Total: 839 miles / 1353 km


1 thought on “Day #19 – Troutville, VA to Dublin, VA – 60 miles / 97 km

  1. It is great to see the perseverance as the two Kabai brothers “work” their way back to CA. It is hard to imagine the high and uncomfortable temperatures out east and knowing they have to continue their journey back to CA in time to start the new school year. The tenacity, creativeness and being so resourceful will be skills that will last a life time. Thank you both for staying strong and promoting the work of the Blind Judo Foundation. Respectfully, Ron Peck, Co-Founder Blind Judo Foundation.

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