Day #16 – Charlottesville, VA to Afton, VA – 23 miles / 37 km

Waiting for the bicycle store to open. Janos has replaced all the broken spokes and bought 16 for spares. He also bought another spare derailleur.

In this area the bicycle map lists the name and phone number of a person, who used to open his home for bicyclists for the past 30 years. Unfortunately, for health reasons, he is not able to do so any more.

“We will be riding to the top of that mountain” – wrote Peter. An hour later another message: “We are up here.”

In Charlottesville Janos and Peter met fellow bicyclists, who are also crossing the US. They exchanged tips and phone numbers. Tonight the other group and the Kabai brothers set up their tent close to each-other next to a church, under a “bicyclists welcome” sign.

States: 4  Total: 727 miles / 1174 km


1 thought on “Day #16 – Charlottesville, VA to Afton, VA – 23 miles / 37 km

  1. Waiting on parts at bike store the Kabai brother biking across America to help raise funds for the Blind Judo Foundation meet other cross-country bicyclists on a similar journey. American hospitality is being shown two courageous and unselfish teenagers making a difference in the lives of blind and visually impaired children and individuals so they can be introduced to a live forming sport called Judo. Ron Peck, Co-Founder, Blind Judo Foundation

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