Day #12 – Kensington, MD to Alexandria, VA – 32 miles / 51 km

The day started with checking and fixing the bikes. A few days ago Janos fell (the brothers were tactful enough not to tell us about it). He immediately had to change a broken spoke in the front wheel. Today he noticed that his rear wheel was twisted, and four spokes were broken in it. They also sent us a picture about his gear, that he had to change. Luckily they are carrying almost a complete third bike and many tools in the trailers, and they even know how to use them.

They did not ride too much today, they rather enjoyed Washington, D.C. They saw the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, the Vietnam War Memorial, the Capital Building and the White House. All these they have seen once before, but they might not remember, being only toddlers then…

Janos and Peter decided it was time to spend the night in a real bed, take a nice long shower and find a laundry room. For the first time during their trip, they will sleep in a motel. Click on the pictures to enlarge.

States: 4 Total: 582 miles / 933 km


2 thoughts on “Day #12 – Kensington, MD to Alexandria, VA – 32 miles / 51 km

  1. Wow! what an adventure, all of this should be captured on film someday maybe, we could do a Documentary when this is all done, Thank you Peter & Janos you are Super Hero’s and you deserve a shower and Great nights sleep……Willy Cahill

  2. Sorry to hear of the bike problems but it sounds like you are prepared for the “what if’s” as you journey back to CA. Glad you are enjoying the sight-seeing in Washington DC. It can be hot this time of the year but well worth taking in the sights before continuing on your journey. Thanks for all you are doing to raise funds and visibility of the blind and visually impaired. Ron Peck, Co-Founder Blind Judo Foundation.

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