Day #10 Airville, PA to Reisterstown, MD – 53 miles / 85 km

People often ask us: How do you communicate with them? We use our cell phones to call,  to text and to send instant messages using a phone application. This last method lets all four of us chat together. It is actually a lot of fun. We get the pictures sent by thext messages. So far we were very lucky with reception, we were able to communicate with the boys (one way or the other) more than once every day.

Cell phone use, let it be communication with parents, siblings or friends, as well as the occasional GPS or internet use (search for campground, if the map fails), uses battery power. The  brothers carry a solar charger and one that charges from AA batteries, but neither of these is very fast or reliable. Every other day or more often they need to spend a precious hour at a gas station, to charge the cell phones, unless they have spent the last night in a campground that had electric power.

Today the heat was gone, replaced by pouring rain. While not comfortable, the boys agreed rain is definitely better than the heat.

Both pictures were taken while raining. The first one shows making hot chocolate milk for breakfast. You could notice the reflection of the trailer (and the Blind Judo logo on its side) in the top left corner. The second picture shows a temporary shelter for eating lunch.

Since there is no campground near and far, again they sleep in someone’s front yard. They even got an extension cord from the house. Thank you!

States: 4  Total: 499 miles / 800 km


2 thoughts on “Day #10 Airville, PA to Reisterstown, MD – 53 miles / 85 km

  1. Your resourcefulness is impressive and greatly appreciated as you travel across this wonderful country of ours. Thank you both for your determination and unselfish support and dedication helping to bring awareness and funding to the Blind Judo Foundation. Most appreciatively, Ron Peck, Co-Founder, Blind Judo Foundation – Be Safe, Be Well

  2. Peter & Janos……You are two brave Boys(men) and should be very proud of what you are doing, it takes a lot of will power to continue to climb those hills and bike through the elements, people around the country should be watching your daily journey and many wished they could ride with you. You are an inspiration for kids your age around our great country. Be safe as you enjoy the ride……Willy Cahill of the Blind Judo Foundation

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