Day #7 – Warrington, PA to Elverson, PA – 50 miles / 80 km

We often get asked what’s in those trailers. When we purchased the bikes, we actually bought three bikes, not just two. The third one, or the most important parts of it, are in the trailers as spare parts, along with all the tools the boys would ever need. Before the trip they learned how to change these parts. They also carry about a dozen inner tubes, which is a lesson they had learned on their practice trips in California. The trailers have some food (not too much), some clothes (not too many, mostly layers) and water. And the twelve big detailed bicycle maps.

Today at Conshohocken they finished the first map and folded out the second one. It felt as a mile stone for them. The other mile stone is coming tonight, marking the end of the first week of the trip.

The weather is getting better. Just a bit of rain yesterday, none today.

Tonight, when registering at the campground, they mentioned their cause – and got to stay for free. It’s not the $20 savings that made them happy, but the appreciation of their efforts.

States: 3 Total: 362 miles / 580 km


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