Day #6 – Upper Black Eddy, PA to Warrington, PA – 43 miles / 69 km

Today started out quite nice for the boys. From the campsite back to the road and then further, the terrain was easy, almost level. The first hour or two of riding was real fun. In the afternoon they sat down and spent about an hour (and most of the charge of their cell phones) looking for a campsite, since the map showed none in for about another day of ride. They are in the outskirts of Philadelphia.

They contacted the third brother Andras, who is currently in Europe on an internship (volunteering in a hospital) and asked him to help searching. Andras found a park about two hours ahead where, according to the website, camping is allowed. They website also stated that everyone has to leave the park by sundown. This was a bit confusing for the boys, and they spent the rest of the evening worried that they would have to pack and leave, just like on the first night.  States: 3   Total: 312 miles / 500 km


3 thoughts on “Day #6 – Upper Black Eddy, PA to Warrington, PA – 43 miles / 69 km

  1. Looks like the weather is on your side. Thank you for all you are doing to support and help raise funds for the Blind Judo Foundation. You both are greatly appreciated. Be well, Be Safe. Ron Peck, Co-Founder Blind Judo Foundation. We are enjoying the pictures along the way. Keep them coming.

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