Day #4 – Layton, NJ to Mt Bethel, PA – 29 miles / 47 km

We (the parents) kept telling the boys that they should not push themselves too much on the first week. It seems they finally listened – today they took a relatively easy day with only 29 miles. Well, these are 29 miles crossing the Appalachian Mountains. Sometimes they need to walk 2-3 miles, pushing the bikes. At these times the speedometer shows 0mph.

Janos checking the map

After a hard part they reached a small town and rewarded themselves with a big, comforting meal. Later we had a long phone conversation with them. They are doing well.

States: 3

Total: 222 miles / 357 km

Delaware River


2 thoughts on “Day #4 – Layton, NJ to Mt Bethel, PA – 29 miles / 47 km

  1. Enjoy following your journey…you boys are an inspiration!!! Make sure to take time to take in the scenery….pictures are beautiful. Best wishes.

  2. Hi Peter and Janos: We are watching your progress and are very pleased with all that you are doing to support the Blind Judo Foundation. Keep up the great job….Be Well, Be Safe. All the very best.

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