Day #3 – Gardiner, NY to Layton, NJ – 63 miles / 101 km

Riding “on the Map” is much easier, but still confusing sometimes. Each road has several names/numbers and the map, the GPS and the road sign don’t always agree.

Janos and Peter had to choose between a too easy (45 miles) and a hard (63 miles) day. They decided to ride to the further campground, but the terrain was harder than they expected. The last few miles they rode in the dark.

People passing them  sometimes slow down and shout “Good luck!”. At breaks, some people asked about their trip. The brothers carry cards with the Foundation’s website that they can hand out. Hopefully some of the cards will lead to online donations later. For now they just received some cash: someone gave $5 to the Foundation and an elderly lady gave $1.

We did not receive any pictures from the boys today, but in the phone they sounded more cheerful than yesterday. Below you can see the card that they hand out.

States: 2     Total: 193 miles / 311 km


2 thoughts on “Day #3 – Gardiner, NY to Layton, NJ – 63 miles / 101 km

  1. Hello Peter and Jonas,
    So glad to see you two become such courageous boys. We will be tracking your journey every day. Our hearts go out to you! Good luck and stay safe!
    Miss you!

    Jun and Angela

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