Day #2 – Thiells, NY to Gardiner, NY – 63 miles / 101 km

Hudson River

Pushing the button of the Spot device only sends an OK message. Pushing and holding it for a split second actually turns it on. The boys realized this when Mom was finally able to reach them by phone around 4 pm. This explains the missing logs in the first half of the day.

The brothers have very detailed maps for the major part of the trip. These are especially made for bicyclists. They will reach the bicycle route in Poughkeepsie tonight. Until then they have to rely on photos of maps stored in their cell phones and printouts they made at home. These however did not prove to be detailed enough, and missing street signs caused a few detours in the first two days. The heavy use of GPS (where available) drained their cell phone batteries under the comfortable level.

After two hard days, Janos and Peter were relieved to be able to spend the night at a nice campground at the Hudson River, and to charge all their devices. Finally, now they are “on the Map”.

Total: 130 miles / 209 km


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