Peter and Janos started their trip!

At 4:39 am (7:39 ET) they said good-bye to Dad and started biking home.

“Our Location” is live now.

On the picture below, the background is the Verrazano Bridge. You could spot the yellow Blind Judo Foundation logo on the side of  Janos’ trailer. The back side has a big US map – the brothers will mark their progress every day. Each trailer has a NY sticker, and they will add more stickers in each new state.

About three hours later, the boys had a nice surprise. In the middle of the Brooklyn Bridge – there was Dad, for another good-bye and a few more pictures.


1 thought on “Peter and Janos started their trip!

  1. Hi Peter and Janos: Congratulations in making it to NYC, reassembling the bikes and trailers and now heading out on a most memorable journey. Be safe, be well and enjoy the adventure. We hope to receive you as you cross the Golden Gate Bridge. And by all means, have fun!

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